Friday, January 16, 2009

Proofreading and sanity checks are overrated

Verizon FiOS, which I use as my ISP at home, has been a bit of a mixed bag for me. The speed is amazing, but reliability has been on the sketchy side. Verizon also did about $500 damage to my garage while installing the hardware, which they refuse to reimburse me for unless I give them my social security number since I apparently functioned as the “primary contractor” when I had it repaired. But that’s a different story.

Today my home network is completely offline; a problem Verizon acknowledges is on their side, and promise to repair by 6pm tonight. While awaiting the completion of the repairs I received an amusing email at work that I think sums up Verizon’s ability to identify with their customers, the first half of which is pictured here.

To sum up: The next time I can’t connect to the internet I should consult their website, which conveniently has a web page that will help me diagnose my problem, which I can’t access while not being on the internet.