Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My First 3D Self-Portrait

This is my first successful attempt at a 3D image of me. To see the 3D effect you need the promotional glasses popularized by Super Bowl XLIII (2/1/2009). If you threw yours away before watching a special 3D episode of “Chuck” then you made the right choice, but you won’t be able see any 3D in my picture. I watched that episode of “Chuck” with the glasses on. It was terrible. 3D did not help it at all.

If you are wondering where I am in this picture, I am standing in front of my wife’s 15 linear feet of hanger space in our closet. And that’s only half of it. Not pictured here: my 3 feet of space lodged in a corner behind the dresser. I have to move luggage to get to my suits, but I’m cool with it.
The significantly larger original is here: