Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Ironically Circular Irony

Earlier today I did a Google search on the words “Brent” and “ironic” with the assumption that my blog would be the first link, only to discover that my blog is the third link, with the first two being to archives of my blog at

Archive of the Google search:

Perma-link to the archive of the Google search:

“So where’s the irony?” you may be asking. Well,
1) I work at iterasi, and I manage the website. We developed the technology that allows the archive to get a higher ranking than my original blog.
2) We periodically get take-down requests (which we always honor) from people who are displeased that our content is ranked higher than theirs (which I am), despite being a dated archive with attribution back to them.

I wondered how circular the references would get before Google would reprioritize my blog above the archive of my blog. So, I embedded two links to iterasi archives of the Google search and a link to the original Google search into this blog entry; like pointing a couple of mirrors at each other, creating an infinite recursion of references. Let's watch.

Extra references just for fun:

My personal website, that redirects to this blog:

An archive of this blog entry:


PDF file of the post in case something falls apart somewhere: