Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ironically no longer ironic?

Holy Carp! (Seems more edgy than "Holy Mackerel," wouldn't you agree?)  It would appear that, although technically a Google search for "brent ironic" still points to me first, it actually points to the Facebook* fan page for this blog instead of the actual blog.**  (This blog is hosted by Google, ironically.)

What has happened here?  Have I posted too much non-ironic content?  Has Google tweaked their search algorithm to be irony-neutral?  Is the word "irony" massively and inappropriately overused, thus diluting my content?

It's probably that last thing.  I blame Alanis Morissette for releasing a song about irony*** that contains absolutely nothing ironic in it.  Hey Alanis! If you read this blog, and I know you do, you ruined irony for everyone.  I was at a meeting last week and someone actually said "For lunch today I went to Subway to get a sub, and ironically I got a Panini instead."  That's not ironic, that's just a very specific sandwich option at a sandwich shop.

On a related note to hipsters: Getting an iced tea at Starbucks while wearing a bolo, driver's cap, scarf and Atari tee shirt with rainbow legwarmers under Capri skinny jeans and slippers is not ironic.  It's certainly a fashion risk, but not ironic.  You can call it ironic if you like, but you are still wearing all that crap at a Starbucks in public, and people can see you.  We can.  And you look stupid.


* Facebook is a popular social media site.  You can research how to get a free account here:
** You can find this blog at this address:
*** I forget the name.