Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ironically no longer ironic?

Holy Carp! (Seems more edgy than "Holy Mackerel," wouldn't you agree?)  It would appear that, although technically a Google search for "brent ironic" still points to me first, it actually points to the Facebook* fan page for this blog instead of the actual blog.**  (This blog is hosted by Google, ironically.)

What has happened here?  Have I posted too much non-ironic content?  Has Google tweaked their search algorithm to be irony-neutral?  Is the word "irony" massively and inappropriately overused, thus diluting my content?

It's probably that last thing.  I blame Alanis Morissette for releasing a song about irony*** that contains absolutely nothing ironic in it.  Hey Alanis! If you read this blog, and I know you do, you ruined irony for everyone.  I was at a meeting last week and someone actually said "For lunch today I went to Subway to get a sub, and ironically I got a Panini instead."  That's not ironic, that's just a very specific sandwich option at a sandwich shop.

On a related note to hipsters: Getting an iced tea at Starbucks while wearing a bolo, driver's cap, scarf and Atari tee shirt with rainbow legwarmers under Capri skinny jeans and slippers is not ironic.  It's certainly a fashion risk, but not ironic.  You can call it ironic if you like, but you are still wearing all that crap at a Starbucks in public, and people can see you.  We can.  And you look stupid.


* Facebook is a popular social media site.  You can research how to get a free account here:
** You can find this blog at this address:
*** I forget the name.


Eric said...

Are you always going to post this much? I started following your blog when you were maintaining a much more manageable rate of posting. My feed reader can only really take but so much.

I am the feed reader.

Brent said...

I understand. This pace is ridiculous, and even I can not keep with all of it. Perhaps with time the healing can begin, and perhaps at that point we will not be stricken with the weight of a thousand rods and lashes beating down upon us. On that day all of humanity will truly be free. Or something.

Eric said...

Wait, what?

Brent said...

Oh, I'm not sure now. Just trying to keep up with this torrent of activity.

V said...

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