Monday, February 15, 2010

I have updated my blog!

Don't let the exclamation mark in the title fool you, this is not simply some sort of punctuation-based hype. I have truly made a change to this blog.

First of all, the splash page has changed completely:

Second, I made this announcement (that you are reading right now) regarding the fact that the splash page has changed.

In other news, for those of you following my attempt to own the word "irony" the news is quite good. As of this date a Google search for my name (Brent) and the word "ironic" (ironic) now returns the top link to this blog.

The original story is here:

The Google search is here:


Eric said...

Until this moment, I hated splash pages as much as the hypothetical love child of Kenny G, John Tesh, Yanni and John Madden. Oh, and Barbra Streisand cuz I guess you need an egg for a love child.

Now I love splash pages as much as the hypothetical love child of people who are the opposite of that. I guess Eddie van Halen would be one of those people.

Well done.

Brent said...

Hi Eric. Thanks for your feedback. It has been internalized. I am emboldened.

On a tangential note, the opposite of Barbra Streisand is actually The Scorpions. Scorps rule. Eddie van Halen is a good first guess, though, so props on that. The Scorpions get bonus points for being plural.

Eric said...

Hmm. I suppose you're right. Especially the way the Scorpions' lead singer Helmut von Muchenmuck holds the microphone inverted during "Rock You Like a Hurricane." I've only seen Barbra do that once, but I think she was on valium at the time.