Friday, February 8, 2008

Frist Psot

By now you have almost certainly heard the old axiom that (paraphrasing in improperly used quotes) “if you want to hide a needle you don’t hide it in a haystack, you hide it in a box of needles.”

That’s what the entire blog-o-sphere is. A gigantic box of needles; and the needle I need to find is trapped, buried in the box somewhere, completely overshadowed by the other needles. Every time I search for something I find about 500 blog posts about it, and swirling in the sucking eddy of crap through which I must dive is the one gem of information that solves my problem.

Newsflash to 99.9% of the bloggers in the world: No one cares what you think. Do you care what I think? No. You do not. Neither do I care what you think. And yet here we are writing a bunch of stuff, plugging the tubes of the Internets, sadly assuming that someone wants to read what we have to say.

But here I sit, responding to the siren call of just one more fad.

This blog will rarely be updated, and when it is it will almost certainly be some semi-coherent rant about something fad-like or stupid that I want to get off my chest. You can safely ignore it, and if you do not please note that you were warned.

Your friend,


Eric said...

This is the awesomest blog I have ever seen.

survival_chic said...

You know what? It's almost as if you are the voice of so many people. Well, I deffinatley do not care what you think. And you don't care what I think. But here it is. Some people don't care if people read thier blogs -such as me- and just uses it as a place to rant and rave with no one to interupt them. so it may be a fad but it does have a use. awesome blog by the way.