Friday, April 16, 2010

"Disreproachable" is a word

Based on an almost ridiculous outpouring of support from a number of blogs, it turns out that "disreproachable" actually IS a word, and I don't have to edit my splash page graphics after all.  Whew.  Maybe I can spend the THIS weekend with my kids, instead of slaving over this blog like I normally do.

Here's a typical example of people crying out for recognition of the word "disreproachable:"

So I sent the following definition to Urban Dictionary.  Let's hope they see the wisdom of my post.

Listen up, "disreproachable" is absolutely a word. I am not saying you hear it every day; in fact there is a significant, not-insubstantial chance you won't even hear it in your lifetime. You should get out more.

It's very much like "irreproachable" and its root word "reproach" but in no way similar, other than the obvious similarities.
Obviously similar uses: 
"Her grooming was beyond reproach; it was _irreproachable_."
"His groomering was _dispreproachable_; although without question I burned the couch cushion he sat on when he left."

Less similar: 
"You know how 'irreproachable' is a word? That's awesome, but I don't think 'disreproachable' is cool like that. Only a choad would say that."
"You know what word I like? 'Disreproachable.' That's an awesome word. I don't think a chode would use that word."

So, they are not completely interchangeable, but you definitely get the picture. Also, New Moon sucked. Where I come from the vampires actually suck blood. Come on.


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hamburgerinhamburg said...

Well. And they totally rejected my submission of "linner" (you know, as in what happens between lunch and dinner, in a similar fashion to so-called "brunch").

I put it down to the fact that I didn't use the words "fag" or, even better "ghey" in my definition, though perhaps I should have used "choad", although I've never heard that word and don't actually know what that mean.

I'd look it up on urbandictionary but for the fact I've boycotted them and hope that they DIAF.