Monday, April 19, 2010

My War on Literacy Continues

As most of you are more than certainly aware, I work tirelessly and (without a doubt) singularly focused on eliminating the threat of literacy, both pro and con.  My recent submission to Urban Dictionary, "disreproachable" (which many of you have noted from my splash page, is arguably not a word) has been accepted, and is actually a word:

Thank Jebus for Democracy.  Without the concept of democracy, any number of randomly authoritative d@@chebags* could have poo-pooed my submission and sh^tbagged it****, like the d@@chebags* they are.

Anyhooz, I think you get the point.
* I don't allow profanity on my blog, so I replace them with funny characters like "@."**
** Except for "choad" and/or "chode" (alternate spellings)***
*** Which I do not think are profane, since I've heard and seen both on primetime TV; the last bastion of decency in the US.
**** I don't actually know if "^" is a good alternate for "I" but here we are.  You know what it's good for? Laughy eyes like this: ^.^  *****
***** I should submit "laughy eyes" to Urban Dictionary.  Problem: people have to know how to spell "laugh" to find it.  Ugh.  Stupid language.

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